Why Choose Merrimac Industrial Sales?

  • Single point of purchase
  • Dedicated work cell production control
  • Detailed process control documentation
  • Logistic planning
  • Inventory management
  • UL 508A Certified
  • 42 Years of satisfied customers
  • Component Kitting & Barcoding
  • Design assistance and engineering support
Diagram of Work Cell Type of ManufacturingDiagram of Work Cell Type of Manufacturing
Work Cell Manufacturing Process

Benefits of the Work Cell Manufacturing Process

  • Reducing or eliminating setup and move time
  • Reducing the number of product defects—errors are immediately found and corrected
  • Reducing in manufacturing space required
  • Reducing cycle time variability and line–balance constraints
  • Lower inventory costs using just-in-time inventory management—ensures you receive goods as needed for production
  • Reducing material handling costs and time
  • Quality feedback between manufacturing and assembly operations is faster
Image of Control Panel Being BuiltImage of Control Panel Being Built
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