Tempco Electric Heater Corporation was founded by Fermin Adames, Sr. in August of 1972 to manufacture electric heating elements for a wide range of industrial, commercial, scientific and medical applications.

Mr. Adames’ foresight, ingenuity and dedication to hard work and high quality have led Tempco to become one of the best electric heating elements manufacturers in the world.

Tempco’s initial manufacturing facility consisted of approximately 1,500 square feet with a labor force of three employees. The first manufactured products were high and low watt density cartridge heaters and Duraband®, a patented mica insulated band heater.

During the Company’s early years, Mr. Adames made a commitment to an ongoing program for the research and development of new and improved products, thus broadening our product line on a yearly basis in order to satisfy the diversified market area in which various types of heating elements are used.

Tempco Cartridge HeatersTempco Cartridge Heaters
Tempco Cartridge Heaters
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Tempco Band Heaters
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Tempco Strip Heaters
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