Enerdoor: Power Quality and Electromagnetic Solutions

The Enerdoor Group is an international leader in the development and production of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery. The Group's broad range of products include EMI-RFI filters, motor protection, passive and active harmonic filters, surge arresters, line reactors, voltage stabilizers, and customized solutions.

Enerdoor offers a global distribution and research and development network that provides flat rate on-site CE compliance and safety testing required by IEC and EN Standards.

Featured Products

EMI-RFI Filters

Motor Protection

Passive and Active Harmonic Filters

Surge Arresters

Testing, Support and Training Service

As an international leader in the development and production of EMI and power quality solutions for automated and industrial machines, Enerdoor additionally offers flat rate on-site CE compliance and safety testing.

  • Features an anechoic chamber and R&D facility
  • CE Certification including machinery, safety and low voltage Directive
  • EMC mitigation for CE and FCC compliance
  • Power quality testing
  • Low and high frequency disturbance problem solving
  • Technical CE reports and final certificates
  • Technical training for the Directive
  • Product safety consulting
  • Risk assessment
  • ATEX consulting
  • Seminar and technical training

On-Site Compliance Testing

CE ComplianceThe CE mark is an international reference for industrial and residential electronic applications and includes the entire European Union including Turkey and Israel, FCC in the United States, CCC in China, VCCI in Japan, RCM in Australia & New Zealand, and KCC in South Korea.

Enerdoor's on-site CE Certification testing specializes in the measurement and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of systems in accordance with the EMC, FCC Part 15 and Safety Directives. The CE Directive has been in force since January 1996 and dictates that all electric and electronic components in machinery and manufacturing plants must meet the minimum requirements as indicated by the Directive. Enerdoor also provides filter solutions to meet the conducted, radiated, and immunity test requirements.

Mobile Laboratories

Enerdoor mobile laboratories are available for EMC measurements directly at manufacturing plants or at the end user’s facility.

  • Comply equipment with the EMC Directive
  • Consultation and support for EMC problem solving
  • Provide final test reports for completed tests
  • Radio frequency disturbance analysis for single machines or entire plants
  • Problem solving for disturbance generated by machines used in the manufacturers plant
  • Harmonic distortion analysis and solutions
  • Disturbance analysis and solutions for the manufacturing plant and end user
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