Cembre is the leading Italian manufacturer and one of the largest European manufacturers of electrical compression connectors and related installation tooling.
Cembre specializes in electrical connectors, and its R&D group strives for continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product features, enabling Cembre to respond quickly to increasingly demands for high-quality products that are reliable, durable and safe.

A wide product range and a strong focus on customer needs gives Cembre a competitive advantage in a continuously evolving global market.

Image of industrial marking and labeling printerImage of industrial marking and labeling printer
Cembre Thermal Transfer Printer MarkinGenius MG3

The Cembre MG3 Identification & Labelling printer provides panel builders, plant engineers and equipment manufacturers with a superior print quality of the MG3 thermal transfer system.

The MG3 is capable of printing large quantities of:

  • Cable, wire and terminal markers
  • Push-button and component labels
  • Adhesive labels
  • Panel plates including plates for identifying PLC’s

These can all be printed and ready for use in seconds, thanks to thermal transfer technology enabling immediate printing and no component drying time.

The MG3 printer is easy to use, requires little maintenance and, with easily changeable templates, is capable of printing thousands of labels and tags.

Image of electrical connectorsImage of electrical connectors
Electrical connectors for switchgear and control panels. Ideal for installing low and medium voltage conductors.
Image of cable markers, labels, electrical connectorsImage of cable markers, labels, electrical connectors
Thermal transfer printers and the widest range of markers, tags and legends for industrial applications.
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