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3M is an innovative global manufacturer producing a massive variety of products including electrical & electronic connecting and insulating materials, electronic circuits, adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, personal protective equipment and more.

3M™ Electrical Wire Connectors3M™ Electrical Wire Connectors
3M™ Electrical Wire Connectors

On the worksite, only the right wire connector does the job. So forget the guesswork and look for top quality products that match your project needs. 3M Electrical Wire Connectors are designed for maximum efficiency, so you can get ahead and stay ahead on projects.

3M electrical wire connectors and tools are designed with features requested by electricians for construction, industrial, maintenance, OEM, and irrigation applications. Wire connectors and tools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and temperature tolerances to fit just about every personal preference and wire size.

When speed of installation is important, count on 3M™ Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connectors. They are quick and easy to install, with no stripping of copper wire needed. 3M offers a wide range of IDC Connectors that help protect your craftsmanship in the field, including:

  • Electrical pigtail connectors for electrical connection and insulation
  • Electrical run and tap connectors to control circuit wiring, fixture wiring, appliance wiring, signal and PA systems, and automotive/boat/RV wiring
  • Electrical tap connectors featuring a quick-connect terminal for reusability
  • Moisture resistant connectors for the convenient connection of wires for landscape irrigation and lighting applications

Fuse holder for the installation of blade-type automotive fuse between a power source and device

3M™ Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connectors3M™ Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connectors
3M™ Scotchlok™ Insulation Displacement Connectors
3M™ Scotchlok Closed End Connector3M™ Scotchlok Closed End Connector
3M™ Scotchlok Closed End Connector

3M™ Scotchlok™ Closed End Connectors make fast work of splicing 22 to 10 AWG copper conductors. Smooth, flared entry makes wire insertion fast — simply twist conductors together and crimp. Scotchlok closed-end crimp sleeve connectors feature a rugged and resilient nylon insulator making them ideal for use in light fixtures, appliances, and other electrical component manufacturing applications.

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