We are now an authorized repair center for Milwaukee hydraulic / press tools!

We repair all power tool types & brands and are an Authorized Repair Shop for Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Rothenberger, Bostitch, and Porter Cable.



SMC is a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of contributing to automation labor savings in industry.

Products Include:

Linear Actuators
Guided Actuators
Rotary Actuators
Rodless Actuators
Specialty Actuators
Actuator Accessories

Directional Control Valves:
Solenoid Valves - 4 & 5 Port
Solenoid Valves - 3 Port
Solenoid Valves - Direct Operated
Fieldbus System
Air Operated Valves
Mechanical & Hand Operated Valves
Safety Pressure Relief Valves
Solenoid Valves - ISO
Valve Manifold Configurator

Airline Equipment:
Combination Units
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Gauges
Blow Guns & Air Nozzles
Soft Start Up Valve
Shut Off Valves

Air Dryers & Main Line Filters:
Air Dryers
Main Line Filters
Auto Drain Valves

Fittings and Connectors:
Speed Controllers
Quick Couplers
Check Valve

Electric Actuators:
Actuators with Battery-less Absolute Encoders
AC Servo Sliders
Rod & Guided Rod
AC Servo Rod
Slide Tables
Electric Grippers
Controllers & Drivers

Vacuum Products:
Suction Cups
Vacuum Generators
Vacuum Filters
Vacuum Switches
Vacuum Regulators
Vacuum Saving Valve
High Vacuum Products
Air Conveyor
Other Vacuum Equipment

Sensors & Switches:
Positive Pressure Sensors
Vacuum/Compound Pressure Sensors
Air Flow Sensors
Liquid Flow Devices
Auto Switches
Electronic Regulators

Fluid Process:
Valves Air/Water
Valves Oil/High Temp Oil
Valves Steam/Heated Water
Valves & Pumps, Chemicals/Pure Water
Valves Coolant
Valves Dust Collector
Valves Color Change
Valves Specialized Application
Process Pumps
Industrial Filters

Static Control:
Bar Ionizers
Nozzle Ionizers
Fan Ionizers
Desktop Duster Box
Fittings & Tubing

General Use Compact Chiller
High Efficiency Chiller
Large Capacity Chiller
High Technology Chiller
Circulating Bath
Benchtop Precision Chiller
Benchtop Chemical Chiller
Rack Mount Chiller
High Performance Heat Exchanger
Dual Channel Chiller for Lasers

Specialty Equipment:
Clean Room Products
High Purity Products
High Vacuum Products
Hydraulic Equipment
Process Gas Equipment
Secondary Battery

We can't find products matching the selection.
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