Eurotherm By Schneider

Eurotherm By Schneider

Eurotherm manufactures Temperature Control, Process Control, Measurement & Data Recording Solutions. Merrimac Industrial Sales is an authorized distributor of Eurotherm and can fulfill any of your business' needs. Work with Merrimac Industrial Sales' highly-qualified engineering personnel, who understand the applications and industries they serve.

Innovative, durable, highly configurable products, services & systems

Temperature Control, Process Control, Measurement and Data Recording

Our wide range of products is rich in features and designed for easy operation and reduced engineering time. They contain market-leading control algorithms, recording and data management strategies which add value to industrial processes by improving quality, reducing waste, and ensuring data is kept safe for as long as it is needed.

A continuous research and development program, combined with decades of experience in providing world-class process control, recording and automation, ensure our solutions meet the modern challenges faced across a wide range of industries. .

Merrimac Industrial Sales offers ACTION

What do Action Products Do?


Merrimac Industrial Sales offers ZELIO

Zelio Solid State Relays (SSRs)

Zellio Solid State Relays (SSRs)

Merrimac Industrial Sales offers CONTROLS

EPower™ Controller Power Modules

EPower™ Controller Power Modules

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